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Email marketing made easy

Every aspect of mailworx is designed to make your job easier. Create responsive emails in a matter of minutes, automate your campaigns with ease, segment your audience by behavior and make use of the valuable insights provided by our statistic tool.

Build your audience

Create your own sign up form for online registrations or import your subscribers easily. Organize them in static email lists or in dynamic subscriber groups.

What is more, mailworx helps you to learn more about the person behind an email address and to respect particular preferences or habits. You may extend the subscriber database and set up new database fields. That's a big plus, because it makes it possible to add any information you want to work with.

Send awesome campaigns

Creating stunning responsive or even automated campaigns is a matter of minutes with our Drag & Drop Editor. Put your ideas into practice with the flexible email template "Pure" and adapt the design to your taste.

Send tailored campaigns with dynamic content. You want to shape your communication according to the needs of your leads and customers? mailworx provides all tools you need to do it right!

Measure the results

Use the free reports, industry benchmarks and data insights (opens, clicks, bounces, …) to see what works in your email marketing.

If you want to get a more detailed picture on how your emails are performing you can level up to our paid plans anytime you like. This will give you access to features like campaign- or target group comparisons and allows you to gain in-depth insights, like who opened, read or clicked your emails.

Improve performance & simplify your work

Once you start working with our email editor you’ll never want to do without it again. You don't need to swap between work mode and preview. Just type your texts in the WSYWIG-editor and load up images per drag & drop.

Deploy your pure creativity

The best thing about creating email campaigns with mailworx is that it is super customizable. Most other email templates are rather inflexible and offer limited layout options. So we decided to provide an email template that offers greater freedom and allows you to show your creative side. Of course there are no code skills required, it's all about intuitive handling. See for yourself how easy it is even for non-designers to create eye-catching emails. Sign up free.

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Use all the basic features of mailworx (however they aren't just basic) for free.
Create awesome campaigns, target your audience, measure your results easily and have fun! 
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