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Get new subscribers & use Double Opt In

The first days after a registration for a newsletter are crucial, if you want to build a permanent relation and turn your subscribers into customers. The attention and activity of your subscribers is really high in this stage -  the best time to present your company in the way you want to be noticed.

We show you how to build a successful welcome campaign with the mailworx Workflow Editor and tell you how to use double-opt-in.


General questions

How to get more newsletter subscribers

What do subscribers expect after the registration

The meaning of double-opt-in

Necessary settings for a successful welcome campaign


Double-opt-in newsletter registraion with mailworx

How to build a double-opt-in newsletter registration process with mailworx

Step 1: Registration from

Step 2: Confirmation email

Step 3: Automation


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How to get more newsletter subscribers

Let´s ask the question the other way around: Why do we register for a newsletter?

We expect a special benefit from it, such as

  • attractive offers
  • valuable hints
  • more information
  • good entertainment

The disappointment is huge, if those expectations aren´t satisfied after the registration. Never let this situation occur and try to beat the expectations of your new newsletter subscribers.


What do subscribers expect after the registration

A sign of life! Sometimes subscribers have to be patient, until the next monthly newsletter is ready. Maybe the interest is not the same anymore. Try to be better and welcome your new newsletter subscribers with a welcome campaign.


The meaning of Double Opt In

Double-opt-in is a registration process, where the subscribers have to confirm their email address once again, after they submit the form. This confirmation avoids abuse of email addresses by unauthorized people.


How to build a double-opt-in newsletter registration process with mailworx

First you have to prepare a form and a email campaign for the confirmation. You can call this form "Registration form" and use it for online subscriptions. As soon as the form has been submitted, the confirmation will be sent.  This campaign includes a confirmation link. Subscribers will only be activated, when they click onto this link.


1. Registration form for double-opt-in

Create a new form in mailworx, by using the link "Forms" in the menu point "Campaigns".

opt in

 "Add" a new form, give it a title like e.g. "Registration form" and activate "This form is embedded in a website".

opt in

Press "Save" now.

Add the system-field "Opt-in" and edit it.

opt in

A new window with the settings for this field will be opened. The field should not be visible afterwards. Also you have to set the standard value to "no" - the subscriber will be generated but remain signed off until he or she confirms the subscription. Just after the click on the confirmation link in the event depended campaign, the subscriber will be set to "opt-in YES". Also activate the check-box "Ignore value changes for existing subscribers" to make sure that, already existing subscribers, which are active in the system, cannot be signed off by mistake.

opt in

Press "Save".

Now define both followpages - the  "forwardpage" and "errorpage" - Those pages are required for letting the subscriber know, whether the submission of the form has been successful or when a mistake occured. You can forward to a URL of your website, use a landing page or just show a text.

opt in

Of course mailworx forms provide a lot more settings, that´s just the minimum you have to do to enable double-opt-in.


2. Confirmation email for double-opt-in

Create a new email campaign.

In the content of this campaign you should create a link, which the new subscriber will click later to confirm his registration.  You can link to a confirmation page on your website or to a mailworx landing page (e.g. "Thank you! You are now registered for our newsletter"). Fill in the url to the required page or choose the landing page in the drop down menu.

In the area "more options" you have to set the subscriber-field "Opt-in" to "yes". Then the subscriber will automatically be "registered" for your newsletter after clicking this link.

opt in

Make sure that your campaign is set as "ready to send".


3. Automate your double-opt-in process with the workflow editor

There are two ways to automate the double-opt-in-process with mailworx. You can either use an event dependent campaign, which will be sent after submitting the form or the workflow editor. The big advantage of the workflow editor is, that it is possible to consider subscribers, who didn't react the first time, they received the email with the  confirmation link, and send them a reminder.

3a) Double-opt-in with event dependent campaign
Once you've finished your campaign, switch to the tab "send" and select the send type "event dependent". Now it is possible to select the registration form. A pretty fast and easy way - but it neglects that some subscribers might forget to click the link, when they initially receive the email.


3b) Double-opt-in with the mailworx workflow editor
Create an automated workflow with the workflow editor (Email Campaigns - Marketing Automation - Workflow Editor). Start with the trigger "Form was submitted" and select the registration form. Next add a new action-element "Send email campaign" and use the prepared confirmation email. The next element should be a wait-element (action), because you have to give the subscribers some time to open your email - one or two days should be enough. Now you can use filter-elements to differentiate those subscribers who have confirmed their subscription and those who haven't clicked the link so far. The first group will receive a welcome mail, the rest a friendly reminder with the option to confirm their subscription.

double opt in


Necessary settings for a successful welcome campaign

As soon as the subscribers have registered, you should send them a welcome mail. The way you create your welcome campaign is up to you, but we would like to give you some useful suggestions.

Create benefit and classify subscribers

The better email list isn't necessarily the one with the most contacts. The quality of the addresses is crucial. Use automation to improve the quality of your database and provide your subscribers with relevant content. Most of the time it is better to spare personal questions during the registration process, because some subscribers may be irritated and not willing to give you the information. Present the benefits, of adding more personal data, to your subscribers during your welcome campaign.


As an owner of a fashion online store, you would like to send your costumer styling ideas according to their style and flavor.  Use the welcome campaign to find out the flavor of your subscriber and send him or her some tips. The subscriber will definitely like it and look forward to the next email in the inbox.


Useful tips & guidance after online registration

Even if your next newsletter hasn't been prepared so far, there are definitely resources, which are always useful and relevant for your subscribers (e.g. videos, guides). See it as a chance to find out more about topics, a new subscriber is interested into.


You offer a software, which can be used online after the registration. Support the new user with some advice to make the first steps easier.


Spread joy with a welcome present

Be aware that every subscriber wants to feel appreciated. Surprise him or her with a free eBook or a coupon for the next purchase.


You work in a travel agency and you are known for your exceptional service. Besides coupons you can also spread happiness with downloads such as holiday check lists.