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As flexible as your company

Tailored solutions for your company

The requirements on a newsletter system can differ depending on the respective organisations – how wonderful that mailworx can react flexibly and provide you with the optimum and individually adapted solution for your company.  It doesn't matter whether you would like to depict your company structures and processes or to link other systems with mailworx.

We don't just stop at software: Using mailworx, you can bring flexibility and individuality directly into your recipients' mailboxes, and our personal support allows us to cater individually for your requirements.


Your organisation structure & processes Our individual solution

Multi-account capability

Through the multi-account capability by mailworx, you can create a strict separation of data between your organisational units, and can manage departments as well as internal and external areas separately from each other in one system.

Authorisation structure

Using individual authorisation groups, mailworx adapts perfectly to your individual organisation structure. You define the competence areas and responsibilities of your users, and mailworx adheres to these definitions.

Release processes

mailworx promotes efficient collaboration between different departments. You can depict creation and release processes in a targeted manner which can be processed and also coordinated automatically by the system.


Tailored Newsletter solution Individual programming of your requirements

With mailworx we offer you a standard software including numerous features that enable you to do professional newsletter marketing. Nevertheless, we also know that the requirements for a system can vary depending on the company situation. That's why we offer you the opportunity to individually extend mailworx as a part of an integration project with individual programming to give you a huge competitive advantage.

Perfectly adapted to your company

We are always open to hearing the requirements of our customers, and look forward to suggestions directly from the market. Therefore, we are of course also happy to fulfil your wishes regarding a joint project in the area of email marketing. You know best which functions or assessments would be helpful for your specific company situation, and we are looking forward to implementing these features together with you.

Optimum support – perfect solution

Profit from our knowledge: We support you from the design right up to execution with our years of knowledge gathered in the field of email marketing. Design your optimum solution with your personal mailworx experts. We are looking forward to our integration project!


Seamless interaction Email marketing & your system

Simply combine our professional newsletter software with your system. mailworx is also able to communicate perfectly with other significant systems, and can be integrated into your company via its email interface. Don't worry: We will not desert you during your project, and are happy to support you in the implementation of your individual integration project - whatever system you wish to link mailworx to.



The subscriber management is one of the most important areas in email marketing. However, subscribers can not only be won via mailworx. You may also manage data about subscribers that are important for your email marketing in other systems such as CRM and ERP systems or an online shop.

Avoid complex import or export processes and connect the respective systems with each other to benefit from the perfect interaction.

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A newsletter without content? Inconceivable. However, implementing content multiple times is inefficient. By connecting your email marketing system mailworx with your content, this can be made a lot easier. No matter whether you want to integrate news articles from your CMS or products form your online shop.

Through a successful implementation, the content from external systems can be inserted into your newsletter campaigns with just a few clicks.

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Do not look at the systems of your company as separate silos - connect entire business processes. You can combine the advantages of all areas and create seamless operations, no matter whether it affects the sales and marketing department or other central processes of your business.

Automated one-to-one marketing through the use of trigger mails or automated workflows will drive your business to success.

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Existing integrations

mailworx has already created integrations with several software solutions. If you use one of these systems within your company, you can already make use of an existing solution.


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Independent integrations

Do you have software developers employed at your company? These can of course conduct work on the mailworx API and link your individual system. We will provide you with a detailed description.


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Individuality Directly into your recipients' mailboxes

iRated® Technology

The iRated® technology automatically detects the interests of the reader, prioritises these and places the appropriate sections to the top. Using the artificial intelligence by mailworx, you can reach your subscribers in a targeted manner to optimise the success of your campaign. Be convinced by the increased click rates and clear head start in email marketing.


Our artificial intelligence creates individuality in your recipients' mailboxes – and is completely automated. Of course, we offer you many more possibilities to segment your subscribers and thus to react flexibly to your interests.


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Installation variants Adapted to your requirements

mailworx is a professional email marketing solution and offers two different installation variants which you can select depending on your company requirements. On the one hand, we offer you the possibility to use mailworx via the variant Software-as-a-Service, and on the other hand, you can also install mailworx on your own servers. Simply select the optimum solution for yourself.


We manage mailworx in our Austrian computer centre, and are happy to provide you with our SaaS solution online. The updates are continuously integrated by our employees, and it is also unnecessary to concern yourself with any other maintenance work.


Does your organisation specify that the software used should be installed on your own servers? No problem with mailworx. Your in-house department takes over the maintenance and regularly receives update packages from us.

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